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I've been writing for over two decades, focusing on helping people understand why interacting with dysfunctional family members causes such pain and lowers self-esteem, and providing information for moving beyond the grief and anger, and rebuilding self-esteem.

Bullying is not just something that happens in schools, it happens in families as well. When family members are overly critical, or consistently belittle you and your accomplishments, this is bullying.

If this is your experience, you're not alone. Because it usually happens behind closed doors, and because a family may actually present a very dignified facade when out in public (as my family did), we think it doesn't happen to other people. But it happens everywhere.

I hope my books are helpful for understanding your situation, healing your pain, and helping you to see that you're not alone. Here are my print books. I've also published a number of ebooks.

The Box of Daughter


Stand Your Ground

The Box of Daughter
The Box of Daughter The Box of Daughter, hailed as "Compelling...gripping... a triumph of the human spirit" by the Nashua Telegraph, is the story of the author's journey of recovery from emotional abuse and bullying in her family of origin.

"The Box of Daughter is extremely relevant and helpful in terms of understanding the insanity of growing up when you are not allowed to have or express your own feelings. This is an excellent book to give to a friend struggling with family entanglement issues. It took courage and a lot of personal pain to write this book, but I have no doubt it will help many, many people." —TCM Reviews

Order The Box of Daughter.

Bullied: The Book

Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It is a guide to emotional recovery from bullying and abuse for teens and adults, written by a survivor of bullying and emotional abuse. Learn how to use simple emotional intelligence skills to let go of your fear, sadness, depression, and anger, whether you've been bullied in school, at home, or in the workplace, and discover how to cope with bullies and create a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Find out more about Bullied.

Stand Your Ground
Stand Your Ground Stand Your Ground: How to Cope with a Dysfunctional Family and Recover from Trauma reveals how deeply dysfunctional family dynamics can affect you, offers advice on the best ways to deal with difficult relatives, family bullying, and workplace bullying, and provides a simple four-step plan for recovering from the trauma of growing up in a dysfunctional family and rebuilding your self-esteem.

This book can help you understand why the life you live may not feel like a match with who you are inside, and offers tips for creating a more authentic life.

Order Stand Your Ground.

I've also written a number of Kindle books on how to cope with dysfunctional situations. Check out my other books on Amazon.

Thanks for your interest in my books! I wish you well.

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