Katherine Mayfield

The Meandering Muse: Uncommon Views of Everyday Things

Step inside the mind of a writer obsessed with the mysteries
of the Universe and crazed with the spirit of creativity.

The Meandering Muse This wacky Dave Barry-esque collection of humorous essays, short fiction, CNF, and poetry spans 20 years of the author's writing life, and ranges wildly from subjects such as multitasking, schizophrenia, shopaholism, money, and the government to the woes of a homeowner forced to use bananas and daffodils to humanely remove wasps from her living room.

These unique and inventive mini-symphonies of words will widen readers’ perspectives on life, nature, and human beings. Some of the essays were originally published as a regular column in a local Montague, Massachusetts newspaper; many were penned in writing workshops.

Here are a few of the essays:
    Schizophrenista Perspectiva
    Lunar Disconnect
    My Mother Lives in the Can Opener
    How to Make Monkey Mind Work for You
    Shopaholism and Creativity

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