Author Katherine Mayfield

Do animals reincarnate in order to renew and strengthen
the loving bond they have with their humans?

This heartwarming memoir suggests that they do.

Emma's Gift book by Katherine Mayfield Emma’s Gift: Furry Friends through Many Lifetimes describes how this award-winning author’s lifelong loving relationships with cats taught her to love herself after a difficult childhood, understand her deepest self, and reconnect with her soul and the energy of the Universe.

"This heart touching memoir is a celebration of the eternal bond
between cats and humans that will resonate with anyone
who has ever had a special cat in their life."
The Conscious Cat

"A fascinating examination of the complicated bonds
between humans and their pets that’s both touching
and deeply insightful."—Darcy Scott,
Award-winning Author of the Island Mystery Series

Raised in an unloving family where love and affection were lavished on cats, the author bonded with felines instead of people, and grew up with a sense of her truest self as a cat underneath the false self she developed to please her parents.

Emma’s Gift tells the story of a close feline friend who encouraged the author in her journey to uncover and nurture this tender, fierce aspect of her soul so she could step out from behind the mask and live more authentically.

"A true MUST READ."—Cat Chat with Karen and Cody

After coping with the loss of Emma and beginning a search for a deeper spiritual understanding of life and the Universe, the author serendipitously meets Kya—Emma’s soul reincarnated in a new body.

Emma’s Gift is a celebration of the soul connection between animals and humans—the eternal, loving bond that transcends the physical dimension. Packed with amazing insights about our current civilization and the human-animal bond, this amazing memoir will touch your heart and broaden your perspective on the nature of Life itself.

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