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Dance Teacher Now: Sense and Sensibility. Teach your dancers to put their hearts into the dance without getting them broken by the business.

The Montague Reporter: Lunar Disconnect. Musings on the beauty and wonder of the moon. Has artificial lighting caused us to lose our connection to the natural world?

The Montague Reporter: To Everything There is a Season. Thoughts on the changing of the seasons, and why winter is a great time to sleep.

The Montague Reporter: The Lake Speaks. Discovering the noises a lake makes as it freezes.

The Montague Reporter: A Long-Awaited Rebirth. Spring unfolds with the joys of the hummingbird and the frustration of getting the wasps out of the house.

The Greenfield Recorder: Unitarian Universalism offers man a new path. A Hindu man discovers his true self, and finds peace with himself and within his community.

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