Katherine Mayfield

Katherine has had her fingers on piano keys since she started lessons at four years old. She plays lounge music at Clay Hill Farm Restaurant, an elegant five-star restaurant in Cape Neddick, Maine, and performs for Piano Fridays at York Library in York. She has played for corporate events, parties, weddings, wedding receptions, and ballet classes, and also accompanies voice and instrumental student recitals.

Music offers us so much: understanding of the emotions that take us on often unexpected inner journeys, a sense of the vibrational universe, a feeling of freedom, joy, and expression of Divine energy. Without music, our lives would certainly be emptier.

CD cover

Katherine's first CD includes a variety of music, from Broadway tunes and old favorites to jazz, classical, tango, and ragtime. Tunes include such favorites as Over the Rainbow, Moon River, The Rose, Send in the Clowns, Cabaret, The Sound of Music, Edelweiss, and Moonlight Sonata, along with some original works and new-age music.

Listen to a sample.

CDs are $15 each, plus tax and $2 shipping and handling. To order, click on the PayPal button below, or pick one up at the fabulous Divine Chocolate shop in Cape Neddick, Maine. Thanks for listening!

Katherine is also an author, and has published several books, including a guide to recovery from bullying for teens and adults, Bullied: Why You Feel Bad Inside and What to Do About It, an award-winning memoir about her recovery from emotional abuse and family bullying in childhood, The Box of Daughter, and several books on coping with dysfunctional family dynamics. She blogs on dysfunctional families on her website, www.TheBoxofDaughter.com.

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