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Acting A to Z Acting A to Z is a complete, easy-to-read guide to the acting profession for young actors. Acting A to Z explains how the acting business really works, describes the daily life of the professional actor, and offers invaluable information for any actor aspiring to a professional career. Published by Back Stage Books, Acting A to Z includes examples of headshots, resumes, and cover letters, offers helpful websites for actors, and provides interviews with young actors.

Acting A to Z makes a great Christmas gift for a tween or teen with stars in their eyes!

Contents include:
  • The best places to train to put a career on the fast track to success
  • The tools an actor needs to become a professional actor
  • How to contact agents and casting directors
  • What important to know about extra work and print work
  • How to create a actor's marketing package
  • Choosing the right time to join a union
  • How to handle money
  • Building self-esteem

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Teen Beat magazine says, “Get an inside look into what goes on behind the scenes in show biz. How do you get an agent? How do you find out about auditions? What lengths do you have to go to to get your big break? The answers are all in Acting A to Z by Katherine Mayfield.”

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Smart Actors, Foolish Choices Smart Actors, Foolish Choices is the first and only book devoted entirely to the emotional difficulties inherent in pursuing a professional acting career. It's a great resource for anyone who needs to know how to deal with ego-bruising rejection, with anxiety and fear, and with the numerous other challenges of staying happy and sane in the turbulent world of show business. Learn how to view the continued rejection that actors experience in a new way so that it won't be damaging to your self-esteem, and create a more successful career.

“Katherine Mayfield shows how to turn around the negativity relating to your self and the business, resulting in greater control over your emotions and an ability to take charge of your career.”
—from the Foreword by Mari Lyn Henry, co-author of How to Be a Working Actor

Smart Actors, Foolish Choices can help you understand how your own perceptions (often developed in childhood) may be holding you back from achieving the success you desire, and show you how to approach the acting business with more positive energy. Interviews with twelve professional actors are included, along with exercises for building your self-esteem.

Smart Actors, Foolish Choices is a must for any actor who has ever felt insecure, angry, powerless, confused, unfocused, scared, or just not happy.”
—Carol Nadell, NYC Casting Director

As you consult this essential guide again and again, you'll no longer feel you are simply stuck with the confusions of a stressful profession—you'll gain control of your feelings and your journey through life.

Smart Actors, Foolish Choices is currently out of print. Check your local library to find out if it's available. You can also view it on Google Books.

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