Books From Blogs

Books from Blogs

Are you a blogger? Have you ever dreamed of writing a book, or turning your blog into a book?

If you have, I can help you.

I'm a developmental editor with more than 20 years' experience in the field. My most recent project was creating a book from blog posts of Bishop John McCarthy, a retired bishop of the Catholic Church, and I'm currently creating a book for a circus performer who blogs on life and the inner journey. I've also worked with authors for whom English is a second language, and I've edited fiction, nonfiction, self-help, poetry, and memoir. You can download my editing resume here, and read some testimonials below.

The process is simple. I provide a contract which outlines the scope of the work and states that I have no rights to your material. When you send your blog posts, I'll edit them and return them so you can make any of the changes you like.

When we've finished the edit, I'll begin the development process of combining the blogs into book format, ordering them in a way that creates a smooth flow of information for the reader, formatting text and chapter titles, and creating a table of contents, plus a subject index if needed. I can also offer suggestions for expanding the book so it will appeal to an even wider audience than you may have for your blog, and we can incorporate other short pieces you've written and/or articles about you and your work, if you'd like to include them.

If your blog posts have already been edited, we can move right into developing them into a book.

I have created books from workshop notes, ideas scribbled on post-its, and phone conversations. The process of developmental editing can build a book from the ground up as I work with you to expand and develop the ideas you already have into a book.

I'm also an award-winning author and ghostwriter, and have been involved in the writing/publishing field since I began as a legal proofreader in 1986. In addition to developmental editing, I provide ghostwriting and other editing services, such as line editing, manuscript critique, and proofreading.

Here's a short representative list of books I've created and edited:

  • Off the Cuff and Over the Collar: Common-Sense Catholicism
    by Bishop John McCarthy (to be published Spring 2013)
  • The Unicycle Diaries: A One-Man Circus of Essays on the Greatest Show
    in the Universe
    by Karl Saliter (to be published Summer 2013)
  • Successful Communication Begins at Home by Ruth Lichen Yeh
  • Journey to Adulthood—a youth program for the Episcopal Church, with
  • Vision, Mission, Planning, and Team Building resources for religious and corporate organizations


"We'd like to offer high praise for Katherine’s skills as a developmental editor. After staring at our pieces (which we had simply alphabetized by topic) for so long, we couldn't find logical groupings to structure our book. Katherine's fresh eyes and critical brain expertly crafted the perfect framework to reposition the topics in a reader-friendly fashion. My greatest fear in hiring an editor was that her polish would alter the true voice, but Katherine's edits beautifully maintained our rhythm and tone. My only regret is that we didn't hire her a year earlier!"
—Jill Grimes, MD, family physician and co-author with Bishop John McCarthy of Off the Cuff and Over the Collar

“I have used Katherine Mayfield's editing services for two of my novels, and have been thrilled with the results. A writer herself, she's professional, insightful, and thorough, with a fierce attention to detail that never sacrifices an author's personal writing style. The very best in the game!”
—Darcy Scott, author of Hunter Huntress and the award-winning Matinicus—An Island Mystery

”Each comment I received from Katherine on my manuscript briefly told me not just the “what” but the why. Working with her is like having an extra pair of your own hands. She turns work around fast, and it comes back clean. I supplied her with hundreds of typos and oversights, and her corrections and suggestions were consistently on the mark. Her eye for the missing comma did not stop her from reading my content as well, and I emerged from our work feeling heard and understood as a writer.
Katherine has secured her place as my copy and development editor du choix. If that's the phrase I'm after.”
—Karl Saliter, circus performer and author of The Unicycle Diaries

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